Custom functions

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Regarding the version: latest

Immutability of pipelines is one of the core values of the Core Engine. In that regard, it is important to mention that if you use custom function by using the tag latest as the version, the version will be resolved upon the creation of the pipeline. Which means, if you do cengine pipeline push on the CLI or client.push_pipeline(.....) with the Python SDK, the Core Engine will take the latest version of your function at pipeline creation time, register your pipeline with the corresponding version and it will not change with time. In other words, even if you push a new version of the function and then run your pipeline, it will not use the newly pushed function but it will utilize the latest at the time of pipeline creation.

The Core Engine provides easy interfaces in Python that let you define custom logic in your pipelines.


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With the Core Engine, you don't just have access to a wide selection of preprocessing methods but also