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The first thing to do is create an account at When you sign up, you are asked to create an Organization (or you are invited to an organization by a friend). You can invite as many people as you like to your organization. Within the same organization, users share workspaces, pipelines, functions, models etc.

Currently, one user can belong to one organization only. This will change soon: One account will be able to belong to many organizations. Similarly, currently all people in the same organization have the same access control, but we will have fine grained permission control moving forward!

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Connect your Google Cloud Platform project

After signing up, you are asked to create a provider. Currently, we only support Google Cloud Platform (GCP). It is very easy to connect your Google Cloud by creating a GCP provider.

CE Dashboard

Create a Google Cloud Platform provider by providing the path to a Google Cloud Storage bucket and a Service Account .json file.

Please make sure the service account has the required permissions to ensure we can orchestrate pipelines properly.

cengine provider create gcp PROVIDER_NAME \
--artifact_store=BUCKET_NAME \ # format: gs://bucket_name


  • PROVIDER_NAME is a freely chosen name for this specific provider instance.

  • BUCKET_NAME is a path of a Google Storage Bucket. Note: This needs to be within the same Google Cloud Project as the Service Account.

  • SERVICE_ACCOUNT_FILE is a json file created by Google Cloud. It is the credential file for a Service Account.

CE Dashboard

Currently, this feature is unavailable.

We are working hard to create a dashboard for the Core Engine. Please see our roadmap for an indication of when this feature will be released.

And that's it! Of course you need to give the service account some permissions and enable some API's but that's also just a few commands.