Where does my money go?

The Core Engine has pricing plans, details of which can be at

No matter which plan you are on, the Core Engine bills you based on the fundamental unit of value you get out of it: The number of processed datapoints that you run through the Core Engine.

Currently, you are billed only for training, test, and infer pipelines (NOT for datasource commits).

The mechanism for counting datapoints is very simple. Each pipeline run is associated with a datasource commit, and each datasource commit has a number of datapoints in it. When you run a Core Engine pipeline, the number of datapoints of the datasource commit is counted in your pool of processed datapoints.

The free tier (Explorer) plan of the Core Engine allows for a 100 million free processed datapoints. This means that you can run more than 3000 pipelines for different variations of our quickstart for free. After that you are charged each million processed datapoints that you run.

See Usage

Organizations also share the same billing account, therefore all users in the same organization are sharing billable resources (like processed datapoints).

CE Dashboard
cengine auth organization
CE Dashboard
You can see the organization usage in the Billing section of your profile.

Only pipelines with statusSucceeded are billed. Pipelines with status Failed are NOT billed.